I and II Thessalonians Printed Paperback Book

As one of a series of outstanding studies into the truth of the Word of God, this book “First and Second Thessalonians” provides details of two letters that the Apostle Paul wrote.  The Study Guide and New Translation from the Critical Greek Texts and Papyri are filled with the details and background of every chapter and verse expounding the great hope of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to gather all Christians together with him, information about what will occur after that event, and many truths on how to live today as we await his return from heaven.

This book should help anyone wanting to learn the depths of First and Second Thessalonians.  The layperson can use the Study Guide as reference when reading any popular version of the Bible, including the King James Version.  It should serve very well as a primary source of Biblical research, reference, and Bible commentary, and prove more than adequate in the preparation of accurate and detailed Bible Lessons and Sermons.

By providing this inspirational understanding of the Scriptures, Maura gives us a true Bible study that makes known God’s Will for our lives, with the opportunity to be saved, to come to a full knowledge of the truth, and to live in accordance with God’s intention.

Introduction to I and II Thessalonians

Thessalonica was founded after the triumph of Macedonia and had a position in world affairs. It became one of the chief cities because it was situated at the junction of the main land route from Italy to the eastern countries, and was one of the busiest ports of the Aegean. Thessalonica remains a major city of Greece to this day.

The church of the Thessalonians was taught the good-message, the gospel, regarding God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, by Paul together with Silas and Timothy, as noted in Acts 17:1-9. Although some of the Judeans believed, mainly the church in Thessalonica comprised of Gentiles who had believed what Paul and those with him taught, and thus became holy-people/Christians – they became children of the only true God.

These Thessalonian holy-people/Christians, who had received the Word of God which Paul and those with him taught them, became examples to Christians in many surrounding areas manifesting-forth God’s Word during the everyday living of their lives.

The epistle/letter of I Thessalonians, which is one of the writings of the Apostle Paul, is said to have been sent-out from Corinth about the end of 52 or the beginning of 53 AD (see Acts 18:11). Some people hold that, of all the Books of the Gospels and New Covenant (Testament), this was the first written. The epistle/letter of II Thessalonians is said to also have been written from Corinth shortly after I Thessalonians was written, as both Silas and Timothy were still with Paul.

Together, the Books of I and II Thessalonians expound the great hope of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and information about what will occur during and after that time, plus they teach us many truths on how to live today as we await his return from heaven.


  • I Thessalonians Chapter 1
  • I Thessalonians Chapter 2
  • I Thessalonians Chapter 3
  • I Thessalonians Chapter 4
  • I Thessalonians Chapter 5
  • Relevant Notes


  • II Thessalonians Chapter 1
  • II Thessalonians Chapter 2
  • II Thessalonians Chapter 3
  • Relevant Notes
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