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As one of a series of outstanding studies into the truth of the Word of God, this book “Revelation of Jesus Christ” provides prophetic information revealed by the Lord Jesus Christ. It covers the effects or events occurring during the past, the present, and the future, in heaven and on earth. It reveals the full scope of the redemption and salvation that is written in the stars and the constellations.

A chart of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is included which maps the verses as to what age or event the information refers.

It also contains a new translation by Maura K. Hill from the Greek papyri and texts of the Bible. It is one of the best translations in the world today and is ideal for use as a companion to alternative translations and studies.

By providing this exciting and inspirational understanding of the Scriptures, Maura gives us a true Bible study that makes known God’s Will for our lives, with the opportunity to be saved, to come to a full knowledge of the truth, and to live in accordance with God’s intention.

Now available Bonus Access to Online Course.

Our Course includes:

  • Syllabus with outline to The Book of Revelation (pdf format)
  • Over 12 hours of Video Lessons covering Every Chapter and Verse in the Book of Revelation (wmv format)

Introduction to Revelation of Jesus Christ

The writing (book) of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John was written by John, who was one of Jesus’ learning-disciples. In Galatians 2:9, Paul wrote that John (along with James and Peter) was considered to be a pillar within the church and a minister to the holy-people (Christians) with a Judean/circumcision background.

Some scholars indicate that it may have been written about 95-96 AD.

As we read, we will clearly see that the Lord Jesus Christ revealed this prophetic information to John so that…

  • not only the holy-people living during this age
  • but also the people living during the next age

…will be able to read and understand what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing now and what he will do in the future with reference to the realm of mankind and the spirit realm.

The writing (book) of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John again reveals the full scope of redemption and salvation that is written in the stars and the constellations:

It includes prophecy regarding effects or events occurring during the past, the present, and the future, in heaven and on earth.

The following is a basic outline of where the effects or events take place from John’s viewpoint as he receives the revelation:

  • 1:1-3 – Introduction
  • 1:4 – chapter 3 – Present Earth
  • chapters 4 and 5 – Heaven
  • 6:1 – 7:8 – Earth
  • 7:9 – 8:6 – Heaven
  • 8:7 – 11:14 – Earth
  • 11:15-19(a) – Heaven
  • 11:19(b) – Earth
  • 12:1-12 – Heaven
  • 12:13 – 13:18 – Earth
  • 14:1-5 – Heaven
  • 14:6-20 – Earth
  • 15:1-8 – Heaven
  • 16:1 – 18:24 – Earth
  • 19:1-16 – Heaven
  • 19:17 – 20:15 – Earth
  • 21:1 – 22:5 – New Heaven and New Earth
  • 22:6-21 – Conclusion

List of Chapter:

  • Revelation Chapter 1
  • Revelation Chapter 2
  • Revelation Chapter 3
  • Revelation Chapter 4
  • Revelation Chapter 5
  • Revelation Chapter 6
  • Revelation Chapter 7
  • Revelation Chapter 8
  • Revelation Chapter 9
  • Revelation Chapter 10
  • Revelation Chapter 11
  • Revelation Chapter 12
  • Revelation Chapter 13
  • Revelation Chapter 14
  • Revelation Chapter 15
  • Revelation Chapter 16
  • Revelation Chapter 17
  • Revelation Chapter 18
  • Revelation Chapter 19
  • Revelation Chapter 20
  • Revelation Chapter 21
  • Revelation Chapter 22
  • Relevant Notes
  • Hope and Resurrection video index
  • Revelation of Jesus Christ videos
  • Revelation Course
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