Research Methods

In II Peter 1:21, Peter wrote the following regarding prophecy spoken and/or written in the Scriptures:

II Peter 1:21:

.21for prophecy was not carried at-some-time by an intention of man but men uttered-forth from God being carried by holy spirit.

This verse tells us the truth that prophecy…

  • was not carried (brought, borne) at any time by/with an intention of man (mankind’s will, an individual’s active volition and desire)
    • but on the contrary,
  • men uttered-forth from God (certain members of mankind spoke, uttered sound, used their voice to speak words originating from God Who is the source of the prophecy)
    • being carried by holy spirit (while these people are being brought, borne in motion by/under the power, hand, or agency of the sanctified spirit within them; refer to I Peter 1:9-12).

The Word Translations and Studies by Maura K. Hill, which are available on Our Store, are written in consideration of many points of reference including the following authorities and evidence:

  • Information contributed by/from the gift of holy spirit within her
  • Greek Papyri –
    • such as the Papyrus known as P46
  • Critical Greek Texts –
    • Nestle-Aland including the extensive footnotes covering:
      • Greek manuscripts
      • Codices and early versions of Latin, Syriac, Coptic, etc
      • patristic citations (church fathers)
      • Text variations of Tischendorf, Westcott/Hort, etc.
  • and the various books and other resources listed on the Resources page.

Where these may disagree regarding certain words, Maura endeavors to adhere to the contribution of the gift of holy spirit energizing God’s information which is true and accurate.

One of the oldest papyrus in existence today is titled P46. Various leaves are located in the University of Michigan and in the Chester Beatty Library. To view some papyri images you may visit the following links:

  • University of Michigan – (Papyrus Collection)
  • Chester Beatty Library – (Western Collection, Papyri, Biblical)
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