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As one of a series of outstanding studies into the truth of the Word of God, this book “Mark” is one of four books giving insight into the four-fold earthly life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark emphasizes the Lord Jesus Christ being God’s servant, and details his activities in service showing how he carried-out God’s intention.

It also contains a new translation by Maura K. Hill from the Greek papyri and texts of the Bible. It is one of the best translations in the world today and is ideal for use as a companion to alternative translations and studies.

By providing this exciting and inspirational understanding of the Scriptures, Maura gives us a true Bible study that makes known how Jesus lived his life on earth, so that we can live our lives knowing God’s Will, with the opportunity to be saved, to come to a full knowledge of the truth, and to live in accordance with God’s intention.

Introduction to Mark

The Book of Mark is one of four books that sets forth the four-fold earthly-life and death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book does not contain everything that Jesus said and/or did. It emphasizes the Lord Jesus Christ being God’s servant, and details his activities in service showing how he carried-out God’s intention.

The name “Mark” refers to the writer’s last name and his first name was “John.” He was Barnabas’ nephew (his sister’s son) but some translate the Greek word as “cousin” instead of “nephew” in Colossians 4:10. Barnabas took Mark with him when Barnabas disputed and argued with the Apostle Paul and stopped their ministry together. However, at a later time Mark traveled back into Paul’s company to help Paul continue with his ministry (refer to Acts 12:12 and 25, 13:5 and 13, 15:37-40; II Timothy 4:11; and Philemon 1:24).

Evidently Mark also spent time with the Apostle Peter who addressed him as “Mark my son” in I Peter 5:13. Mark had not been one of the twelve men with Jesus during his ministry prior to Jesus’ death.

This book was written after the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ into heaven and after the out-pouring of holy spirit on the day of Pentecost (refer to Acts chapter 2). Mark may have been Peter’s assistant (amanuensis, secretary) who actually wrote down what Peter spoke by revelation – receiving the information of what to write via his holy spirit-life (not from his intellectual memory).

  • Mark Chapter 1
  • Mark Chapter 2
  • Mark Chapter 3
  • Mark Chapter 4
  • Mark Chapter 5
  • Mark Chapter 6
  • Mark Chapter 7
  • Mark Chapter 8
  • Mark Chapter 9
  • Mark Chapter 10
  • Mark Chapter 11
  • Mark Chapter 12
  • Mark Chapter 13
  • Mark Chapter 14
  • Mark Chapter 15
  • Mark Chapter 16
  • Relevant Notes
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