Luke 19:1-48

Luke 19:1-10:

19:1And having gone-into Jericho he used-to throughly-go. .2And look!, an adult-male being called Zacchaeus by-name, and he used-to-be a chief-tax-collector and he (was) wealthy, .3and he used-to seek-after to see who is Jesus and he used-to not be-able from the crowd because he used-to-be small with stature, .4and having run-before into the front he ascended into a sycamore-tree in order that he may see him because he used-to be about to throughly-go that-way. .5And as he went on the place, having observed-upwardly Jesus said towards him, “Zacchaeus, having hastened you must descend for today in your house it is necessary (for) me to remain.” .6And having hastened he descended and he accepted him underneath (his roof) joying. .7And having seen all-people used-to throughly-murmur saying that, “With a sinful adult-male he goes into (his house) to disunite.” .8But having been caused-to-stand Zacchaeus said towards the Lord, “Look!, the half of the-things beginning-from me, Lord, I give to the poor-people, and if I dealt-fancily-with something of someone I give-away four-times.” .9But Jesus said towards him that, “Today salvation to this house came-to-pass as-because also he is a son of Abraham, .10for the son of man came to seek-after and to save the (sheep) having destroyed2.”

After Jesus went into Jericho he spent time going through it. And look (behold, see, pay attention)!, an adult-male (grown-man) whose name was Zacchaeus, and during that past time emphatically he (he himself) was continuing to be…

  • a chief-tax-collector (a ruler of tax-collectors; tax collectors were those whose job it was to collect taxes or customs from the people of an area, but most of them would harshly demand more than was due and keep whatever was over, and they paid the government a certain sum for the privilege of doing this job, and so people generally disliked them)
  • and he was wealthy (rich),

…and he was continuing to seek-after to see who is Jesus (looking for a way to perceive, to see to the end of perceiving and knowing with his mind what sort or quality Jesus is) and he was not able (he didn’t have ability, he was not capable of seeing Jesus) from the location of where the throng of people were because he was small with stature (referring to the height of his body, he was not tall but short physically and therefore he could not see Jesus when standing with other people on the ground).

After he ran before (in advance, ahead) into the front of the crowd he ascended into a sycamore-tree (he mounted, went-up into its branches, demonstrating his humility towards God and Jesus since this tree bearing the fruit of figs signifies God’s blessings being received by His people, and many times Israel was represented or symbolized by a fig-tree) for the purpose and result that he would see (perceive) Jesus because he was on the point of going through that way.

As Jesus went on the place (came on that location), after he observed-upwardly (looked up into the tree), he said towards him…

  • “Zacchaeus (addressing him by his name),
  • after you hasten (hurry, urge yourself on, are diligent with speed)
  • it is imperative that you descend (come down from the tree)
  • for today in your house (at your home, in your dwelling with the household of people)
  • it is necessary for me to remain (it is binding for me, I must, ought to stay).”

Evidently Jesus had received information from God via the holy spirit within him about Zacchaeus. After Zacchaeus hurried coming down from the tree…

  • he accepted Jesus underneath his roof (he received him under his roof for his protection, he welcomed him as a guest into the house where he was living)
  • joying (rejoicing, being joyful, in the state of elation or enjoyment because of receiving something good ultimately from God).

After everyone in that location saw (perceived what was happening) they were continuing to throughly-murmur (they spent time thoroughly grumbling discontent and complaints among themselves towards Jesus) saying that…

  • “With a sinful adult-male (at rest beside or in proximity to a grown-man who behaves in a sinful manner, who misses the mark of God’s Word, swerves from the truth of what God says, commits aberration from God’s Word, God’s will, God’s law, God’s precepts)
  • he goes into his house to disunite (to loosen down as one from another so as not to be in the crowd anymore).”

After Zacchaeus stood still he said towards the Lord…

  • “Look (behold, see, pay attention)!,
  • the half of the-things beginning-from me (my belongings, the things in my domain, my possessions),
    • Lord (addressing Jesus as “Master” recognizing his power and authority in this situation),
  • I give to the poor-people (those who are beggarly, crouching in the begging position in need of certain things),
  • and if I dealt-fancily-with something of someone (if I deliberately showed or misrepresented anything belonging to another person to other people to cause that person problems in an accusing manner, as claiming that he is dealing with illegal activities together with his legitimate work/job, in conjunction with other activities as a business resulting in wrongly taking or extorting money from him under the pretense of tax)
  • I give-away four-times (fourfold – I pay-back four times as much of what is due or obligated by me to return).”

[Reference: Exodus 22:1; Luke 15:1-7, 18:13, 14, and 22-25. Note: verbs with a superscript 2 (2) immediately following them indicate the “perfect” tense – details are provided in the “Relevant Notes” link of this study.]

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