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As one of a series of outstanding studies into the truth of the Word of God, this book “Ephesians” provides details of what the Apostle Paul wrote to the people being holy and believing in Christ Jesus. The Study Guide and New Translation from the Critical Greek Texts and Papyri are filled with the details and background of every chapter and verse of Paul’s letter which was circulated to many churches throughout Asia. Paul gave great emphasis to God’s grace and to the unfolding of the mystery.

This book should help anyone wanting to learn the depths of the Book of Ephesians.  The layperson can use the Study Guide as reference when reading any popular version of the Bible, including the King James Version.  For the Biblical student and researcher, the Study Guide to the Book of Ephesians should serve very well as a primary source of Biblical research, reference, and Bible commentary.  For the teacher and the preacher, the material should prove more than adequate in the preparation of accurate and detailed Bible Lessons and Sermons.

By providing this inspirational understanding of the Scriptures, Maura gives us a True Bible Study that makes known God’s Will for our lives, with the opportunity to be saved, to come to full knowledge of the truth, and to live in accordance with God’s intention.

Introduction to Ephesians

The Book of Ephesians is a letter (epistle) which was written by the Apostle Paul to the people being holy and believing in Christ Jesus – these were the holy-people (Christians), and it was circulated to many churches throughout Asia. [The words “at Ephesus” are not in most of the Greek texts.]

This letter is relevant to all Christians living today!

It gives great emphasis to God’s grace, and to the unfolding of the “mystery.” It shows the beauty and depth of God’s glory, of all that we Christians have in Christ and how we are to behave ourselves during our everyday lives as we await Christ’s coming to gather us all together with him.

This letter may have been written during Paul’s imprisonment in Caesarea (Acts 23:33-27:2) or it may have been written about 62/63 AD when Paul was a prisoner in Rome and stayed in his hired-house (Acts 28:16-31).

  • Ephesians Chapter 1
  • Ephesians Chapter 2
  • Ephesians Chapter 3
  • Ephesians Chapter 4
  • Ephesians Chapter 5
  • Ephesians Chapter 6
  • Relevant Notes
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