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Romans 3:1-31

Romans 3:1 and 2:

3:1Therefore what (is) the exceeding-thing of the Judean, or what (is) the profit of the circumcision? .2Much according to every manner: firstly indeed because they were trusted-with the declared-words of God.

Following-on logically from what is written in chapter 2, verses 17-29, the questions may arise:

The answer…

In verse 2, the Greek verb translated as "trusted-with" comes from the root-word pisteuo which means "to believe, to have faith, to trust." When it is in the passive form of the verb with accusative, as it is here, it has the meaning that the recipient of what is given is being believed-in by the giver that he is willing and capable of taking-care-of and fulfilling all that is involved pertaining to that-which is given to him. The recipient is entrusted with what is given to him by the giver.

God had entrusted these people with His declared-words (the uttered accounts of God’s inner thoughts, all of His spoken sentences as each being little or brief words, the collection of words originating from God that were spoken to them). What a great privilege and responsibility had been entrusted to them!

[Reference: Deuteronomy chapter 4; Acts 7:38; Romans 2:25; I Thessalonians 2:4; I Peter 4:11.]


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