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Matthew 28:1-20

As we read these verses we can see that Matthew writes a very condensed record of what happened, and for further details of all that occurred during this time we need to read the relevant accounts in Mark, Luke and John.

Matthew 28:1:

28:1But (during) late of sabbaths with the lighting-on into (day-)one of (the) sabbaths, Mary the Magdelene came and the other Mary to view the grave with-attention.

While it was late of sabbaths (almost sunset on Saturday 17th Nisan the weekly sabbath, the end of that week in which there were two sabbaths, one was the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the second was the weekly sabbath)…

…Mary the Magdelene came and the other Mary to view the grave with-attention (contemplating with their minds, see Matthew 27:55, 56 and 61). Of course we should realize that the temple guard was still posted at the grave so as not to permit anyone to remove the stone and go inside it. So, these two women left again before the beginning of Sunday 18th Nisan.

Verses 2-4:

.2And look!, a great quake came-to-pass, for an angel of (the) Lord having descended out-from heaven and having come-towards (the grave) rolled-away the stone and used-to sit-down upon it, .3and his appearance used-to-be as lightning and his clothing white as snow. .4But from the fear of him the (soldiers) keeping (the grave) were caused-to-quake and they were caused-to-become as dead-people.

And look (behold, see, calling attention to what is written)!, a great quake came-to-pass (a large shaking motion, shocking movement, a seismic event happened) – in truth, an angel of the Lord…. An angel is a spirit-being whose office and character is one of a messenger. The word "angel" comes from the Greek word aggello which means to tell or deliver a message, and therefore an angel could be called a messenger. This angel is one of God’s angels, here referring to God as Lord emphasizing His covenant relationship with His people whom He has created. See Hebrews chapter 1. We should also note that the Bible shows us that no human-being was or is or will be a spirit-angel!

And look!, a great quake came-to-pass – in truth, an angel of the Lord, having descended (come down) out-from heaven and having come towards the grave where Jesus had been buried,…

This angel’s appearance was as lightning (his aspect, what could be seen of him was as the sudden speedy flash of shining bright light, the quick supplying of light) and his clothing white (what he put on to cover himself was radiant, emitting light, effulgent, brilliant and bright) as snow.

But from the fear of the angel the soldiers keeping the grave (some of the soldiers from the temple guard, Matthew 27:66, keeping an eye on the grave, having it in safekeeping, watching-over it) were caused to quake (made to shake, they were shocked, quick movement as a seismic event) and they were caused to become as dead-people (they stopped moving, froze).

The women did not witness the events in verses 2-4.

God Who is Holy and Who is Spirit is the only true God, and He is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and since the day of Pentecost recorded in Acts chapter 2 people who believe what God says, which is also what the Lord Jesus Christ says (Romans 10:8-13), receive the gift of holy spirit – refer to Acts 1:2-8 and 2:32-39; Ephesians 1:13 and 14; and the Book of Acts.

You may like to see the chart of events regarding the time from Jesus’ crucifixion to the day of Pentecost.

“…he was raised-up according as he said…”

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