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Second Timothy 3:1-17

II Timothy 3:1-9:

3:1But this you must know: that in (the) last days fierce times will stand-in, .2for men will be lovers-of-self, lovers-of-silver, imposters, arrogant-people, blasphemers, people-un-persuaded by parents, unthankful-people, unholy-people, .3people-without-affection, people-not-entering-into-treaty, devilish-people, incontinent-people, untamed-people, not-lovers-of-good, .4betrayers, precipitous-people, having been conceited2, lovers-of-delight rather than lovers-of-God, .5having a formulation of reverence but having denied2 its ability – and from these-people you must turn-yourself-away – .6for out-from these-people are the (people) entering-in into the houses and taking-captive little-womanish-people having been heaped2 with sins, being led by variegated intense-yearnings, .7always learning and never being able to come into full-knowledge of truth; .8but (according to) which manner Jannes and Jambres stood-against Moses thus also these-people stand-themselves-against the truth, men having been corrupted-down2 (with respect to) the mind, unapproved-people concerning the belief, .9but they will not advance on more for their un-mindfulness will be clear-out to all-people as also the (un-mindfulness) of those-people became (clear-out to all-people).

Paul continues teaching Timothy: but this you must know (personally with a truly active and relative knowing): that during the last days (the final or extreme days, the more remote, uttermost span of time while we await Christ coming to gather all holy-people together with him in the air) fierce times will stand-in (extremely hard precise occasions, difficult specific seasons, hostile opportune periods of limited-time will stand in effect, in force).

In truth, men (mankind, whether male or female) will be…

… – with emphasis, from these people you must turn yourself away (move yourself away from these people without even going close to them).


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