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Hebrews 2:1-18

Continuing from the end of ‘chapter 1’:

Hebrews 2:1-4:

2:1Because-of-this it is necessary more-exceedingly (for) us to have-attention to the (things) having been heard lest-perhaps we may be caused-to-flow-aside (from them), .2for if the word having been uttered-forth by means of angels became firm and all stepping-aside and disobedience received a rightly-due compensation-payment, .3how will we escape having been unconcerned of so-great a salvation, the-one-which, having received a beginning to be uttered-forth by means of the Lord, was made-firm into us by the (people) having heard, .4God bearing-witness-together both with signs and wonders and variegated abilities and distributions of holy spirit according to His intention?

On account of this, what is written in chapter 1, it is binding more abundantly for us (all of us) to hold our attention to the things having been heard (we must, we ought more than above the measure already attained by us to turn our minds, thoughts and attention towards/for the purpose of the things that have already been heard by us) – why? – lest perhaps (whether or not, whether it may happen at any time or not that) we would be caused to flow aside from them (made by others to move as a river beside them but not actually getting right on top of them, which is where we should be in our walk, our behavior).

In truth…

Paul does not write a short answer to this question but instead he continues to teach and explain “so-great a salvation”.

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