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Ephesians 4:1-32

Ephesians 4:1-3:

4:1Therefore I encourage you, I, the prisoner in (the) Lord, to walk worthily of the calling of-which you were called, .2with all humbleness-of-mind and meekness, with patience, holding-yourselves-up-with one-another in love1, .3being earnestly-diligent to keep the oneness of the spirit in the bonding-together of the peace:

Paul continues teaching the people being holy and believing in Christ Jesus, following-on from what he has just written regarding all that God has accomplished to/for/in us by means of the Lord Jesus Christ (refer to Ephesians chapters 1-3). Therefore I presently and actively encourage you (exhort or call you holy-people beside me as a concerned father or mother would call their children close to them under their arms so as to help them to do that which is right)....

I encourage you, emphatically I, the prisoner in the Lord (the bound-person within the Master, being within the sphere of action of the Lord who is Christ Jesus; refer to Ephesians 3:1), to walk (literally: to move the feet around, go on foot; figuratively: to walk around during the everyday living of life, behaving or conducting yourselves) worthily of the calling of-which you were called (in a manner of equal-value or of like-worth with the invitation issued to you with-which you were invited).

All of us holy-people (sanctified-people, Christians, saints, children of God) have already RSVP'd to God's invitation by means of the Lord Jesus Christ with a "Yes." We have believed what God says and we have received God's gift of holy spirit becoming God's children, and therefore spiritually we have all that is currently available. We have the spirit of Christ in us. But the state of our walk, our behavior, is up to each one of us by the freedom of our own will. This is similar to the natural realm: a son/daughter of dad/mom always remains their son/daughter because it is not possible to take the sperm and the egg that made the son/daughter away from them. However the son/daughter may decide not to live according to what dad/mom tells him/her and so behaves in a manner which is not acceptable to dad/mom, even to the degree of leaving the home and moving to their 'own place' and not living within the benefits which they could have received from dad/mom. But even so, the son/daughter cannot become an un-son or an un-daughter no matter how badly they behave against their parents.

The way to walk/behave worthily of the calling of-which you holy-people were called is:

God is Holy and He is Spirit, and He is the source of all holy spirit-life which He is and which He has given to the Lord Jesus Christ when He raised him up from among the dead-people and gave him his spiritual body; and God has given us holy spirit by means of the Lord Jesus Christ – oneness of spirit.

"The peace" is not referring to some signed-document between two governments agreeing not to drop the nuclear bomb on each other, nor is it two religious groups making a pact to join together to accomplish some so-called good deed! "The peace" is the bonding-together. It is that-which binds all holy-people, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the only true God Who is our Father together (refer to Ephesians 2:13-18). Spiritually we holy-people have all that God has given to us in Christ, we have peace – now it is up to us to behave accordingly.

The word "love1" or the verb "to love1" comes from the Greek word agape which is God's kind of love. To love with His love means to love the same way as God loves, to manifest God's love towards another, whether it is towards God Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, yourself, your Christian neighbor, or towards anyone else. God tells His children today (all who have the spirit of Christ within us) how to Godly-love by means of His previously-revealed written Word and also via our holy spirit-life whereby we receive information from Him regarding how to love in different specific situations. It is the carrying out of God's commandments, His Word, which is the correct usage or way to manifest God's kind of love according to His will (refer to I Corinthians chapter 13 and I John 5:1-3). It is not the same as the brotherly or friendly kind of love, nor is it the same as the emotional/feelings/sexual kind of love.

We holy-people are encouraged to walk worthily of the calling of-which we were called, with all humbleness-of-mind and meekness, with patience, holding ourselves up with one-another in Godly-love, being earnestly-diligent to keep the oneness of the spirit in the bonding-together of the peace.

[Reference: Leviticus 11:44; John 4:24; Acts 20:19; Ephesians 1:18, 2:13-18, 3:1; Philippians 1:27; Colossians 3:10-15; I Thessalonians 2:12; II Timothy 2:15; I Peter 1:15 and 16.]

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